Oracle Warehouse Management WMS Task Planning

Oracle WMS task planning capability is a very efficient capability that allows users to optimize the Inventory Management process and utilize the resource time very effectively.

It actually prioritizes the Inventory Management workload and releases the work to warehouse floor very optimally based on the resource capacity and prioritization.

Tasks include various demand and supply based pick tasks, such as- demand fulfillment tasks for work order, sales orders etc. as well as inbound tasks related to receiving, put away, transfer, cross docking etc.

All the tasks created from multiple sources will be placed on a task pool and released accordingly to the warehouse floor.

Task optimization is performed by Task interleaving and Resource workload balancing capability of Oracle WMS.

Wave planning allows releasing the wave of work related to fulfilling the sales order demand.

Warehouse Control Board can be used to query tasks based on multiple criteria and subsequently prioritize and release them to warehouse floor.

You can also use API to update the tasks in a pool.

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