Oracle Warehouse Management WMS Operation Plans

Oracle WMS Operation Plans helps us to define the path of the material movement and the sequence of operations to perform to complete an activity. Both Inbound and Outbound operation plans can be defined.

There are 8 seeded Outbound operation plans exists in the system. Inbound operation plans can be created based on the Inspect, Crossdock and Standard operation plan types.

Inspect operation plan type is applicable to the move order lines that have inspect required flag set.

Crossdock operation plan type is applicable to all the crossdocked move order lines. Crossdock is the last step in an operation plan.

Standard operation plan type is applicable to the move order lines that don’t have the inspect flag and not crossdocked.

Prior to configuring operation plans, we must define zones and operation plan assignment rules.

There are only 3 operations available at the line level of the operation plan definition window as – Load, Drop and Crossdock.

First operation in a plan must be a Load while the last one must be Crossdock.

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