Oracle Services Procurement – Work Confirmations

Oracle Services Procurement – Work Confirmations – Oracle Work Confirmation is a mechanism that allows suppliers to confirm on the progress they have made against the request for delivering goods or services received through a Complex Purchase Order. Example: A consulting company creating Work Confirmation at the end of each phase of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to get partial payment from the buying organization.

How to create a Work Confirmation:

A Work Confirmation can be created using following application:
Oracle iSupplier Portal: When supplier creates the work confirmation themselves.
Oracle iProcurement: When the originator/requester of the requisition creates the work confirmation on behalf of the supplier.
Oracle Buyer Work Center: When Buyer creates the work confirmation on behalf of the supplier.

How does it work:

• Once a supplier completes a part of the service/goods ordered through a Complex purchase order, a Work Confirmation can be created to initiate the release of partial payment.
• The Work Confirmation will go through the approval process; usually it goes to buyer for approval.
• Finally Work Confirmation gets converted to PO Receipt.

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Points to be noted:

Following points to be noted in relation to Work Confirmations:

• It does not have an auto-numbering mechanism (12.1.3 or lower versions); hence it is recommended to form a unique Work Confirmation number and enter the same manually. For example: WC-.
• Oracle Approval Management Engine (AME) is used for Work Confirmation approval.
• WCAPPRV is the workflow item type.
• The Work Confirmation approval notification goes to Buyer but this can be tailored using AME based on business requirements.
• A Work Confirmation can be corrected in Draft or Rejected status only.
• Work confirmation gets converted to a PO receipt after approval.
• RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS table can be queried to find Work Confirmations from the back end. The SELECT statement may contain ASN_TYPE = ‘WC’ in the WHERE clause while the SHIPMENT_NUMBER columns contains the Work Confirmation number.
• Work confirmation creation for partial quantity of a pay item is not allowed for Milestone Pay items while the same is allowed for Lumpsum ones.

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