Oracle Release 12.2.4 Home Page

Oracle Release 12.2.4 Home Page: Remember the lollies I mentioned in the Oracle Release 12.2.4 Login Page Discussion. This document will explain how you can setup that in the 12.2.4 home page. Actually there is a profile option that does the job if you set it up correctly.

Responsibility: System Administrator or Similar
Navigation: Profile -> System

Search for the Profile “Self Service Personal Home Page mode” and setup the value “Framework Simplified” to get the below look.

Actually there are 4 values available in the above mentioned profile option as below.
– Framework only
– Framework Simplified
– Framework Tree
– No Homepage

I have personally noticed no difference in the looks between “Framework only” and “Framework Tree as both of them returns below look.

I highly recommend not to use the “No Homepage” option, as this will fully remove the navigation page and you may need to see your Database Administartors to fix this issue. So never ever try setting up “No Homepage” option unless you have genuine business requirement to do so.

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