Oracle Engineering Routing to Manufacturing Work Order


A routing already exists for a finished goods that has 2 operations 10 and 20. There are already some open work orders in the shop floor.

2 are unreleased but 4 are released.

Now, engineering department has advised to add operation 30 to the routing and subsequently all the open work orders (released and unreleased) needs to be updated automatically.

This is a valid requirement but a tricky one. This document explains how we can achieve it.



Create a ECO (Engineering Change Order) and approve it.

Responsibility: Engineering or similar
Navigation: ECOs -> ECOs

Enter the ECO name, Type.
You may enter “Approval List” if you are utilising the ECO approval workflow; otherwise leave it blank, so that Approval Status remains as “Approved”.

Next, click on the “Revised Items” button.
Enter the Item code in the Main tab.
Check the “Update Jobs/Schedules” and select the appropriate Disposition field value in the “Work In Process” tab. I prefer selecting “Rework Inventory and WIP” so that both my stock and work orders get addressed.

Click on the “Operations” tab.
In the “Operations” section of the Revised Operations form –
– Select the Action as “Add”.
– Op seq – 30.
– Std Op – select your new operation code to be added to the routing.
– You may click on the “Revised Resources” button to select/update resource details.

Save the record.
If you are not utilising the workflow then the ECO must be having the “Approved” status already and ready to be implemented.


As you need to update all your work orders (Released and Unreleased) automatically once the ECO is implemented, you need to ensure the Released work orders are changed to Unreleased status, as Oracle doesn’t allow updating the released work orders automatically.

So, query the released work orders and change the status to Unreleased.


Now open the ECO created earlier in Step-1 and click on the Tools -> Implement.

This will submit 2 concurrent programs as below:
– Pre-Implementation in ECO implementation
– Engineering Change Order Implementation

Once both the concurrent programs are completed successfully, the routing for the finished good will have the operation 30 and you will also notice the unreleased work orders are also updated automatically.

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