Oracle Contractor Request – Purchase Order

Oracle Purchasing – Contingent worker Purchase Orders – Once you complete creating the contractor request following steps mentioned here and approve the requisition, you need to convert the requisition to a purchase order.

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Switch to the Purchasing responsibility and navigate to the “Buyer Work Center”.

Click on the “Requisitions” tab.

Search for the requisition created earlier and select the lines you want to convert to PO.

Click on the “Add” button.

It will be added to the ‘Document Builder”

Enter the supplier and site information and make sure style is populated as “Standard Purchase Order”.

Click on the “Create” button.

In the subsequent pages enter the necessary information and submit the PO for approval.

The purchase order created in reference to a contractor request is no different to usual standard purchase order process except the following key points.

• The line type will be “Rate Based Temp Labor” or “Fixed Price Temp Labor”.
• This type of standard purchase orders does not have a shipment/schedule line.

Once approved, you need to setup the contingent worker mapped to the purchase order.