Oracle Contractor Request – Invoicing Process

Oracle Contractor Request – Invoicing Process – The invoices for the contingent worker can be created in two ways. It can be done manually based on the supplier furnished invoices or by using the Oracle standard functionality of Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) to create the invoices automatically based on the timecard entered by the contingent worker.

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  • If you are using RCTI, then submit the “Pay on Receipt AutoInvoice “concurrent program which will automatically create AP invoice based on the receipt created in the previous step.
  • Otherwise, AP invoice can be created in Oracle once the supplier sends the invoice copy and match it to PO or receipt. This is the usual process.

Invoice will be validated and paid to supplier.

This concludes the procure to pay process for the services provided by Contingent worker.

We will conclude the contractor request process in Oracle Services Procurement by explaining the contingent worker expense claim process.