iProcurement Commodity

Business Scenario: You may want to restrict a set of users in your business to create requisitions for a category or set of categories. For example: the business wants the IT department to create requisitions for Computer hardware, software and network components only. Commodity setup is actually grouping of categories which enables iProcurement to restrict users to the categories assigned to the commodity code. The categories need to be assigned to commodity code and the commodity code to be attached to a Smart Form which is attached to the Store.

Following steps demonstrates Commodities setup.
Navigation: Setup -> Items -> Commodities -> Commodities in PO SuperUser responsibilities.

Click on the “Create Commodity” button to create a new Commodity.

Enter the Commodity Code, name and description of the new commodity and click on the “Assign Categories” button to assign categories to the Commodity.

Search for the Item Category you would like to assign to the commodity and select the required ones. In this case, we are assigning the categories 204.64 and 204.68 to the ““. Click on the “Apply” button.

New commodity code created with 2 categories assigned to it.

Next Step: Define a Smart Form and attach the Commodity code to it.