iOS 10 – Bedtime Functionality

We all know how irritating Alarms are – don’t we.

As soon as it rings when we are deep sleep, we somehow try to grab the phone and snooze it as many times as possible.

Apple® has understood our problem and innovated a brilliant functionality called “Bedtime” which is available with iOS® 10.

Bedtime will work as alarm but will play a very soothing music and believe it or not you will feel refreshed to listed to the music and feel like listening to it forever.

I am an early riser and Bedtime is surely helping me to achieve my early rising goals while the success rate with an alarm wasn’t that great, as most of the time I used to snooze the alarm for hours.

Just swipe your finger upwards on your iPhone and tap on the Alarm icon. Select the Bedtime option and you will be able to select your usual sleep time and Wake up time.

Phone will also remind you prior to the scheduled bed time.