Oracle iSupplier – Functionalities and Processes

Oracle iSupplier – Functionalities and Processes Oracle iSupplier Portal is an Internet-based robust, secure and highly-efficient application that establishes seamless communication between an enterprise and suppliers to exchange purchase orders, shipment, invoicing information

Oracle iSupplier – Setup Notification Subscription

Oracle iSupplier – Setup Notification Subscription: The Supplier Profile Management (SPM) notification subscription setup is part of iSupplier configuration and that helps the purchasing organization to setup the person(s) who will receive the notifications generated out of activities performed in the iSupplier Admin page. You may setup multiple persons for an event type to receive […]

Oracle iSupplier – Request Changes

Oracle iSupplier – Request Changes for Purchase Orders (PO) Oracle iSupplier allows supplier contacts to submit a request for PO changes, in case they are unable to fulfil the commitment made earlier in reference to the PO.